Lorin BerziciLorin Berzinci is a singer-songwriter, born on January 27, 1980 in Qamishlo, a little town in the Kurdish part of Syria. Her passion for music developed in an early age after discovering songs, melodies and lyrics. She grew up in a family where politics and culture were parts of the everyday life, that why her childhood have had a formative influence on her music and still is a source of inspiration for her.

At the age of ten her family emigrated to Europe and Sweden. The road to Sweden was long and difficult and big part of Lorin’s childhood passed during these years, her only solace was music. It was her father who discovered her feelings for music and her talent for singing, and encouraged her to start a professional career. Lorin started to write her texts and melodies at the age of 14.

She started her career as singer by singing in different groups and on various stages. As time passed by she felt an urge for writing her own music, in 2007 she released her album ”Çîrokên Evînê” The tales of love, where she has composed the majority of the lyrics and the melodies. It was important for her that her music reflected her personality; a mixture of the Kurdish music with influences from the European music.

Beside her passion for music Lorin has a great interest in the languages and the culture from the Middle East, that’s why she chose to study the Oriental Program at the University of Uppsala, focusing on politics and culture in Middle East, and learning Arabic, Persian and enhancing her knowledge in the Kurdish language. She has also studied journalism and works at the moment as journalist at the Swedish Radio.